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released April 20, 2010



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POISON TONGUES Detroit, Michigan


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Track Name: murder city breakdown
Murder City Breakdown-

Broken hearts, broken homes, with acres of burned out brick
This is how our city has been treated
Motor city ghost town
Murder city breakdown
Adandoned city blocks, burned out homes, packs of wild dogs
Is this how it is- it is
Is this how our city was treated
Motor city- ghost town
Murder city- breakdown x2

Money for the city, well it never came
Corruption in the city, it’s a fucking shame
Motor city ghost town
Murder city breakdown
Our grand central station has been burning for years
Cant they see- cant they see the building in my city-resemble headstones in cemeteries- our proud history, were all proud to be, the veins and blood- the murder city
The veins and blood of the motor city
Cant they see x 4
Track Name: loyal to one
Loyal to One-

Never die a coward
Once you start- theirs no going back
Once you make that choice
You better commit
Never give up a foot of ground-never allowed to back down
Honor and integrity
As hard as concrete your stance must be x 1
Never die a coward x 1
Your actions speak louder than words-you’re a trite symbol with no fucking bearing- fuck you coward.
I’ve seen your kind, a million times.
You act the part the cowards lie.
The hardest ones-who talk the best
Are always running from the pack x 1
Track Name: nothing comes for free
Nothing comes for free-

I still believe
In this hard American dream
Where hope is still alive w/o apathetic dreams
I still believe in bullets and family
Where if one of them should fall
Than you lose everything
Caught up- in the trend
Because you want to fit it
Talking shit because-you can’t understand
That our Freedom has a price
We pay-with our lives
Nothing comes for free, our principle remain
And I wont agree-I wont agree x 1
You think you have the right to tell me what I think
Now were supposed to sit back and accept the rest?
Think about- what it means to say the words you say x 3
Fuck that we wont accept all the bullshit that you send x 1
Again and Again x 1
Track Name: lessons

Born with clenched fists
Bred to use my head
Taught to think ahead-this is just the way I am
X 1…..

Instilled your values in
Made me who I am
Built me to defy-the values of the damned
Built me to deny-the values of the damned
The fucking damned-the spineless lambs
The fucking damned who try to
Distort what you see
And piss all over your beliefs
Carry on my wayward son- remember what they taught you
Carry on my hardened son- this is right where you belong
Carry on x 4
Carry on my wayward son- this is what they taught you
Carry on my wayward son- this is right where you belong
Made to think like the strong
Know between right and wrong- this is what
This is what they taught you
Made to think like the strong, know between right and wrong
This is what they taught you.
Track Name: Five more minutes
Five More Minutes-

What I would give- for five more minutes
To ask you how it’s done
To show the mark I’ve made
To bear witness, to the man I’ve become
Like thunderstorms-that reign above
I’ve held my own, through it all
Deep down inside-I prayed you’d see
How your impact it had on me.
How your impact-It had on me-your fucking impact x 1
What I wouldn’t give-for five more minutes x 2

In a flash you were gone
So many questions-hung around
Life’s brutal truths-will beat you down
Though through your words-I’m still around
I’m still around
With bleeding fists-against the ground
I curse the days our not around x1
With bleeding fists….